Brazilian, Hollywood, Bikini and Speed Waxing.

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Brazilian, Hollywood and Bikini Waxing

While getting a bikini or Brazilian wax is probably not one of your favourite things to do, it’s definitely a necessity! All our waxes are done with great care to ensure your wax experience will be as gentle, comfortable and hygienic as possible. We are different to many other salons, as we offer you a choice of both hot wax and strip wax – so we can tailor your wax to be as individual as you.

Hot wax vs. strip wax

Hot wax is thick and low in temperature so ideal for the most sensitive of areas. It wraps around the hair not the skin so even those short, stubborn hairs will be no more.

Strip wax is a thin wax, used with a paper strip, ideal for longer, stronger hair. A Brazilian wax can be done in as little as 7 mins. No fuss, No frills. Done.

If your unsure what wax to have, no worries try both! We can combine hot and strip wax so you get the benefit of both.

Brazilian/Hollywood Waxing

Dare to bare….girls! the choice is yours. Everything off from front to back or leave a dainty strip or triangle.

Type Price (£)
Brazilian(Hot Wax) 30.00
Brazilian(Strip Wax) 25.00
Hollywood (Hot Wax) 30.00
Hollywood (Strip Wax) 25.00

Bikini Waxing

G-String Bikini: If a Brazilian is not for you then try a g-string wax a very thorough wax but leaving the labia and bottom area.

Classic Bikini: Removes hair outside knicker line and inner thigh.

Type Price (£)
G-String (Hot Wax) 25.00
G-String (Strip Wax) 20.00
Classic Bikini (Hot Wax) 15.00
Classic Bikini (Strip Wax) 15.00
Pre-Birth Wax (Ask For Details) From 15.00

Speed Waxing

Here at The Parlour we offer you expert waxing, from Brazilians to brows we’ve got it covered. We have developed our own speed waxing techniques making your wax as quick and painless as possible. Leaving you fuzz free and feeling fabulous. So if you’re a first time waxer or a true wax veteran you can be confident you’re in good hands.

Speed Waxing – Body

Type Time (mins) Price (£)
Full Leg 15 25.00
Half Leg 10 20.00
Tummy 10 15.00
Back 15 25.00
Chest 15 25.00
Full Arm 10 20.00
Half Arm 7 15.00
Under Arm Wax 5 10.00

Speed Waxing – Facial

Type Price (£)
Lip 10.00
Lip and Chin 12.00
Sides of face 10.00
Full Face (Including Neck) 18.00
Full Face (Including Neck and Arch Brow) 25.00

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